Friday, June 12, 2009


Fucking Blackberry got cut off. Fucking Big Wes. He needs an extra ass kicking. I was half way through writing to you and I lost everything. But it ain’t no thing to a dude like Trey. I upgraded.

But I’m not cellular anymore and I had to find a shitty payphone to call Jasmine. It wasn’t easy dropping the change in there. I should’ve made Mrs. Nerd get me a
prepaid cell when we were on the spree. Wasn’t thinking.

So that means that Trey was looking extra shady, ducking his head away from the passing cars and pedestrians with the scummy phone to my ear and telling Jasmine what to tell Rodeo.

You might’ve seen me and thought, who the fuck uses a payphone? Only bottom-feeders these days. I guess that’s me. I’m down with the scum, but there’s gold in this muck. Just got to pan it out. So don’t judge when you see a guy on a payphone. He’s doing what he can. It ain’t easy out here.

Hell, look at me. You’re my only friend. How fucked up are things when I have to confide in a stranger? Extra fucked up. But you can’t just sit back and enjoy the show. You’re part of it. If you don’t hear from me, watch the news. You might be the only person to throw some dirt on my face when I’m down for the count. Then you can tell the real story, not the bullshit everyone’ll make up.

Start by saying that it was circumstance that pushed me to this. I’m a straight up guy. Never double-dealt someone who didn’t deserve it. But I’m also a man who makes his own decisions. Can’t put things in the hands of the cops or anyone else who’ll fuck up and leave me in the cold. I’m on my own and everything’s coming down on me. You put a guy under all that pressure, he turns hard, like a diamond.

I’m not happy about all the things I’ve done. Can’t change it though. The bell’s been rung. Started with three shots from Sig’s Glock. Half an hour before that, I was drinking a beer, out of the rain and bullshitting with my dad.

Now I’m sitting on the roof of a coffee shop with a stolen laptop, a silver dagger, and a black bag full of trouble. The coffee shop’s closed, but they didn’t turn their wifi off and I’m poaching.

Like motherfucking Batman, seeing the city from the rooftops. This is the way to go. As long as I’m not caught climbing up, I’m out of the line of fire up here. No way will Sig find me fifteen feet above the ground.

Sorry about the laptop, dude in the blue sweatshirt. Shit, you might have been reading me from this thing. Don’t see my blog bookmarked though. Got some good porn though, don’t you? You gotta be more careful with your possessions. It’s a dangerous world out there. Trey lurks from the rooftops. I know that cream in your coffee is important, but keep an eye on your computer when you get up. Or don’t put it on a table so close to the door. Common sense, dude.

You will get a bonus if y
ou ever get it back, though. Deep inside, in a secret folder I planted, is the contents of a particular thumb drive. Consider yourself lucky. I almost ate a dagger for what’s on this thing and you get it for free. You’re my insurance policy. Look for the folder titled Tunnel Rat.

Might not need insurance. I could be on the othe
r side of this in a day. Got in touch with Jasmine and she said that Rodeo was ready to meet. I was standing out in the daylight, talking into a payphone that smelled like shit and wracking my brains for a place to hook up with Rodeo. All the while, I got eyes all over my head like a fly. Sig was out there. He was looking for me and dead serious. Think fast, right? Set up the meet and get the hell out of the daylight before the North River Gang shows up and shuts down the whole show with one 9mm silver tip hollow-point.

All I knew was that I had to get out of Santa Monica for a minute. Sig knows I got business there and has to be hanging close. I remembered a store near the crazy-ass body odor Los Angeles library and told Jasmine to tell Rodeo to meet me there in a day.

That’s tomorrow.

Tonight I’m Batman on a roof, with someone else’s laptop. I could be in the most comfortable bed in the world.

That’s right, I saw her. Had to cross through Santa Monica anyway, couldn’t hurt to drop in on Mrs. Nerd. Maybe she had heard something from the Nerd. She looked pissed as hell and surprised to see me. But Trey can play it smooth when he needs to. I told her it was getting dicey and I had to take off for her safety. Trey is a dangerous guy to hang with. Trouble follows.

She bought it. Made me lunch. House looked strange, like some things had been cleaned out, couple of bare walls. Selling off the goods to stay afloat. No word had come in from the Nerd. I told her that he wasn’t with the mistress. Mrs. Nerd’s eyes
went wide when I told her I had seen the mistress. Gave her a wink. Never let Trey surprise you, I’m capable of anything.

That got a laugh, then that hungry look on her face. Hungry like starving, like she’d kill someone to cannibalize them. But that window had closed. A good meal, a clean bathroom and a shave. That’s all I wanted. I could feel the chains of Los Angeles falling away from me and didn’t want to get more tangled again. I should be free in a few days and want to slip away clean.

It’s hard to say no to a woman. I played it like I didn’t know what that look meant, but that didn’t last long. Hell, she fed me didn’t she? Trey’s not ungrateful.

But I didn’t stay in the bed. I’m on gravely tar paper tonight. Not the best thing for he
aling my aching body after the throwdown with Sig and his boys, but it’s better than being trapped by comfort. Said my goodbye to Mrs. Nerd and gave her some platinum advice. Told her to cancel the Nerd’s credit cards. That’ll bring him home. She smiled, feeling the idea, then chewed it for a second, like eating glass and liking the taste of her blood. I told her to find someone who knows what they’re doing to look after the Golden Delicious trees in the front yard. Apple trees should bear good fruit.

I’m out of Santa Monica now. Near to the meet with Rodeo. If this were Ballentine, I wouldn’t be laying low on a rooftop. Too much rain.

Some people are out late in this neighborhood. Laughing and all. I should be stomping the town with Tokyo, drinking and talking shit. Maybe in a few days. She can pack her bags and we’ll blow out of this hell hole together.

Clean Library.

Ass on Montana Ave.