Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I’m fucked. The Nerd is dead.

No, I didn’t do it. You really think I did? I have no reason to off him. Sure, he tried to stick me with his dagger and screw me out of my money, but he was just scared and sloppy. It felt good punching him in the jaw, but killing him wouldn’t solve anything.

Rodeo’s a different story. The world could be a better place without him.

The world without the Nerd? We’re missing a doughy guy with a nervous face who got in over his head. If he’d made friends with me, let me be his ally, he might not be dead right now. At least he had some good screws, right? Mrs. Nerd and Jasmine. Not bad for a jellyfish. Don’t know about a heaven or hell, but wherever he is, he’s probably thinking about those two women.

Might be thinking about me. Cursing me. Blaming me that he’s dead. If I had just stayed away from that black bag, he might be alive. But that’s bullshit. I bet Rodeo would’ve stiffed him on the payment and when the Nerd would try and complain, he’d get a round to the head. End of story. Rodeo has the identities and keeps his money.

I’ll bet that’s who did it. Rodeo must have found the Nerd.

The body was found early Wednesday morning by city groundskeepers. The area was quickly cordoned off and police have been collecting evidence. “It’s clearly a homicide, but we’re still working on the circumstances,” said Santa Monica Police representative Sgt. Pamela Lopez. Michael Dunne was an Executive Vice President and programmer for the Brainiac Software Group, located here in Santa Monica.

That’s from the article I found. They didn’t mention Mrs. Nerd, but if they wrote down his name, that means she was notified.

I’d been looking at the local news websites, trying to see if my dust up with Rodeo made some noise, when the headline, Santa Monica Man Found Dead In Park, caught my eye. It happened in my park. Where I picked up the black bag.

The Nerd was finished where this all started.

And now I’m fucked.

You know who they think did it. When they talked to Mrs. Nerd, who do you think she gave them? I’m the only one she knows from the Nerd’s dead drop. She might give up Jasmine, but that girl’ll never sing about Rodeo. Don’t kick a hornet’s nest. Jasmine will point the finger at me, just like Mrs. Nerd. It’s easy to blame an out of state drifter.

Isn’t that who they’re always putting away for crimes? See it all the time in the papers. Someone’s killed, robbed, a store knocked over, the cops shake down the homeless guys and find one to pin it on. Not all drifters are villains. You know me. You think I’m a bad guy? I’m just trying to get by like everyone else. I’m not a drifter. I’m a hunter.

But the cops won’t believe that. They want a sap to string up so it looks like they’re doing their job. Maybe you’re a cop. No offense, but you can’t deny drifters are always taking the fall. Could you put a call into the Santa Monica PD and tell them Trey didn’t do it? Let them read this blog, they’ll get the details. But I’m not telling everything yet. Still looking for my payday. Just don’t want the cops to roll me in for no reason and instead of disappearing and not bothering anyone anymore, I’m looking at a cell and a bunch of ball point pen tattoos.

How great would the cops feel to get their hands on me? They’d find a way to pin the Nerd’s death on me and at the same time get me for the trouble in Ballentine. Every time I would open my mouth to explain, I’d get a gloved fist in it. And I’m sure they’d find the worst drunk, doesn’t give a shit lawyer to defend me.

I’m a serious vampire now. Moving in the night and hiding in the day. Taking a chance staying at the library to write this. Still at the university and I don’t think they’re looking for killers here.

The cops should be looking for Rodeo. He must have told the Nerd to meet where the drop was supposed to happen so they could talk about setting up a new deal. Don’t know how he found the Nerd. Jasmine maybe. She’s trouble. Might have to pay her another visit. Need more dope on Rodeo.

You see, the cops can’t have Rodeo yet. I’m not done with him. Still have to soften him up and get my money. I can use the Nerd’s death as leverage against Rodeo. This is all gonna be harder, now that Trey’s a real wanted man.

Run? You think I should run again to another state and lay low? Running makes you look guilty. I ran from Ballentine. I’m not running anymore.